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ZigBee module

ZigBee module
ZigBee module

Detailed Product Description

1)CC2530 Zigbee module,wireless module CC2530
2)TI RF solution, SPI interface
3)Frequency bands:2.4GHz

·2.4-GHz IEEE802.15.4 compliant RF transceiver
·Excellent receiver sensitivity and robustness to Interference, receiver sensitivity reach to -97dBm
·Programmable output power up to 4.5dBm
·Suitable for systems targeting compliance with worldwide radio-frequency
·Accurate digital RSSI/LQI support
·datarate: 250 kBps

8051 MCU
·Powerful five-channel DMA
·128KB in-system programmable flash, customization 32-,64-,256KB
·8KB RAM with retention in all power modes
·CSMA/CA hardware support
·AES security coprocessor
·Battery monitor and temperature sensor
·12-Bit ADC with eight channels and configurable resolution
·Two powerful USARTs with support for several serial protocols
·IEEE 802.15.4 MAC timer, general-purpose timers (One 16-Bit, Two 8-Bit)
·32-kHz sleep timer with capture
·Watchdog timer
·21 general-purpose I/O pins (19× 4 mA, 2×20 mA)
·Hardware debug support

·Package Description

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