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SIMCom Launched New GNSS Module —— SIM68

SIMCom Wireless Solutions (“SIMCom”) launched a new module SIMCom® SIM68TM. SIM68 is a GNSS module in a SMT type which can be embedded in the customer applications.
SIM68 is a GNSS module compatible with GPS/Galileo/QZSS and Glonass systems in a SMT type . It is designed with ST’s high sensitivity navigation engine, which allows you to achieves high levels of sensitivity, accuracy, and Time-to-First-Fix (TTFF).

Mechanical data
*Dimensions: 15*13*2.4mm
*Weight: 1g
*Package: 34pin LCC

*Serial interfaces 3UART, SPI ,USB,2CAN,I²C     
*Digital I/O  STDBYN input
      STDBYOUT output
      Pulse-pre-second (PPS)  output
*Analog I/O   2ADC input
*Protocols     NMEA

Prformance data
*Receiver type  32 tracking channel and 2 fast acquisition channel compatible with  GPS ,Galileo ,QZSS and Glonass systems
*Max update rate  10Hz
     Tracking     -162dBm
     Navigation   -160dBm    
     Cold starts  -148dBm
      Cold starts     35s
      Warm starts   24s
      Hot starts       1s     
 Automatic Position4   1.5m CEP      
*Operation temperature     -40°C to +85 °C
*Storage temperature        -45°C to +125 °C

Electrical data
*Power supply      3.0V  to 3.6V
*Power consumption2,5
     -Acquisition    100mA
     -Tracking        65mA
     -Backup        100uA
*Antenna type        Active and passive    
*Antenna power       External