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Laser stencil

Laser stencil
Laser stencil

1) Stencil used for PCBa production
2) Stencil size:37x47cm, 55x65cm,73x73cm.
3) SMT laser stencil
4) Sepecial outer and inner outline 

Key Specifications/Special Features:

We can purchase all the components for you for turnkey service.we can recommend alternate components to help you reduce the costs. 1. Pcb file with parts list provided by customers. 2. Pcb boards made, parts purchased by us. 3. Pcb boards with parts assembled by us. 4. Testing pcba for customers 

We provide high quality, low cost, quick-turn, easy storage, and highly, affordable PCB stencils to Printed Circuit Board designers, PCB engineers, PC Board manufacturers, and OEM's. We also supply stencils to Printed Circuit Board Assembly Houses to be used just prior to Component Pick and Place or hand placement operations. In addition, we also create production stencils for PCB Component Manufacturers' promotional circuit boards.

We offer you a low-cost alternative to steel stencils. Our stencils are also easy to store, space saving, and unlike frameless steel stencils, our Polymeric Stencils have no dangerous sharp edges. Simply place stencils in documentation folder for easy access. You will receive the highest quality laser cutting each stencil. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. Service, is our #1 priority. We welcome your questions, comments, and inquiries emailed to us at anytime.